What do ‘Babus’ get pension for?

Statutory Warning – A lot of exaggerations ahead!

Why do government employees get pension? Have you ever thought of that? In 1000 ways, private employees do better job than many of the ‘sarkar babus’. Don’t you still get it? Imagine yourself at a BSNL office to get a 3G dongle and then at a Vodafone store, where do you think you get the attention you, as a customer deserve? Now, you get the idea!

Before you judge, let me be clear, I don’t say that none of them should get any special benefits. The government should give pension to a few deserving group of people such as all the internal peace keeping forces (eg. Police), the brave ones who safeguard our country (Army, Navy), fire force, those angels you meet at the hospitals in the form of nurses and doctors and finally, all the elderly (above 60 maybe) based on their financial status – not caste. I hope you understand now.

I’m against the idea of those lazy babus who sit in some government offices and delay every single file they get, just so they could ask for more money, getting pension, from the money that we all contribute to.

govt office.PNGBy Meeraspra –  Toondoo.com

Assume you need a certificate, your birth certificate for instance, from the local Government office. You go to the office by 10 AM and Sir isn’t in yet because..nah it doesn’t matter. (He doesn’t have an RF Card swiping system that his boss checks before he credits the salary that month anyways.) Okay, so this Sir reaches the office at 10.30am (if you’re lucky that day – he is early) and you go to him with all my-face-in-front-of-you-is-my-mistake looks and he asks you “what?”. With all due respect you’d say you need your birth certificate and his response is immediate, “come back in 2 weeks”!

Maybe because he needs to conduct some FBI level investigations to ‘confirm’ you were born. And if you’re lucky, you will get your certificate after 2 weeks. Then, at the end of the month, you get your salary but with TDS – tax deducted at source. The very same tax which would be used to give salary to the babu who ‘certified’ your birth. Isn’t that funny; you work through out the month and at the end give out a portion of your salary to the ones who don’t do their job as well as you do yours. This is just about salary, so think of the money that goes to the babu after he retires.

Trust me, I do not mean to say that all the government employees are corrupted, but do they all deserve to receive the salary (pension they call it) even after they retire? What makes them so special? Nothing!

I know the system isn’t going to change. All of them would get all the benefits no matter how good or bad they are at their work. But it feels weird to know that there are people who are officially employed to do nothing.


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