Three Most Innovative and Ambitious Companies

There are hundreds or thousands of companies that are trying harder and harder to stand out and make a difference in this fiercely competing world. Three names I picked aren’t based on their market value, instead on the scale of their imagination or innovation. Forbes released this list in Aug 2016 of the most innovative companies. However 2 out of 3 companies that I picked aren’t in this list – doesn’t matter though.

1. Tesla:

Needless to say – you know who they are! In a world with more cars and car companies than anything else (bit exaggerated – never mind), one company is there growing bigger than anyone else and making a difference. Tesla changed our perception towards electric cars. I remember mocking the shape and speed of an electric car I saw in India a few years ago. That car was (is) too small to call it a car and wasn’t speeding above 40 km/h. So a concept was formed – an electric car is ought to look ugly and can’t go faster than a cycle. But then Tesla happened and it proved all of us wrong – an electric car can have the best looks and can be faster than any other cars. With the Tesla sales roaring to new heights, I can visualize a future road with Tesla made-Google handled-self driving cars. I hope, only hope, human driving cars won’t be considered illegal then. Let’s wish Tesla best of luck on what they do and hope for a greener and cleaner earth.

Credit: Google Images

2. SpaceX:

This name mayn’t sound as familiar as Tesla, but its plans are much bigger – colonization of Mars – for the starters. The latest I read of SpaceX is, they’re arranging tourist trip to moon for a week in 2018. So now you get an idea on what’re they up-to. They’re the first privately funded company to successfully launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft (Dragon), in 2010; and the first private company to send a spacecraft (Dragon) to the ISS, in 2012 (copied from Wiki) and since then they do this like a ‘cargo’service (literally). As of July 2016, they have handled around 9 such cargo services to international space station for NASA. It’s not that everything they did and do were/are successful. There were a few mishaps too – but who cares if you can win the race despite of falling down a couple of times on the track.

Oh by the way, it’s the same man behind both Tesla and SpaceX – Elon Musk.

Credit: Google Images

3. Smartflower:

This isn’t as big as Musk’s Tesla or SpaceX, but I picked them for their idea – a solar panel just like a sun flower. With the official name – Smartflower Pacific POP, it’s the world’s first and advanced all-in-one solar system which boasts an easy setup and up to 40% more output than traditional roof top panels. You need to see the video to believe it. This innovative solar energy system might give rooftop solar (including Tesla’s) a run for its money with its nature-inspired design. The design and features of Smartflower is so cool that you must not miss to read more about it here.

Now that you finished reading about all the three, can you guess how’re they connected?

Credit: Google Images

All these 3 companies work towards a greener world of less carbon footprint and we all love to see a greener earth, don’t we? Best of luck and sincere kudos to everyone, be it an individual or an organization, who works towards making this world a better place.


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