I’m Not A Robot – How Google is going to save us all from this!

Needless to ask – have you ever got annoyed by this tiny little checkbox that verifies whether or not you’re a human being. Countless times, right?

Credit: Google Images

The other day I was trying to fill a form online and had to spend 5 mins trying to prove that I’m a human being or atleast a homo sapien. From the least-legible-weird texts to boxes-with-mountains or boxes-with-traffic signs, there are multiple varieties of CAPTCHA to irritate us now.

HOWEVER, unfortunately this has been a necessary evil that we had to live with for years. This feature allows the sites to keep a check on the bot traffic to their pages. For those who don’t know bot – please go to Ms Wiki.

So the good news is, Google has come up with an invisible version of this.

This invisible CAPTCHA, removes the I’m-not-a-robot box completely. If you’re wondering how – it monitors your browsing patterns; for instance, it monitors how you clicked the ‘download’ or ‘submit’ button on a page, and also uses whatever data Google has on you.

Happy browsing, Humans!


  • reCAPTCHA is a company and was acquired by Google in 2009
  • CAPTCHA is the abbreviation for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

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