Three Most Innovative and Ambitious Companies

There are hundreds or thousands of companies that are trying harder and harder to stand out and make a difference in this fiercely competing world. Three names I picked aren’t based on their market value, instead on the scale of their imagination or innovation. Forbes released this list in Aug 2016 of the most innovative […]

What do ‘Babus’ get pension for?

Statutory Warning – A lot of exaggerations ahead! Why do government employees get pension? Have you ever thought of that? In 1000 ways, private employees do better job than many of the ‘sarkar babus’. Don’t you still get it? Imagine yourself at a BSNL office to get a 3G dongle and then at a Vodafone […]

Mediocre Lives – A Tamasha

Just finished watching the movie Tamasha. I usually don’t watch above-human-level masala movies from Bollywood, but this one is at our level – human level. By the way this isn’t my review about the movie but about the message this movie is trying to send out. It’s the same message as Aamir Khan movie 3-idiots […]

10 Quotes I found on the Internet

Some people are like clouds. When they go away, it’s a brighter day. Yeh I know it’s mean, but don’t you agree that these clouds do exist? Come on that’s a fact! But the worst part is that a few are too ‘cloudy’ that you won’t realize until they’re gone. In case you had a face in […]